So guys, while work is being done on the Web site, I thought it might be the right time to get input from everyone.

What do Zimbabwean Ubuntu users want to see on the site? What should Zimbabwean Windoze users see on the site?

This is a brief run-down of the sections I plan to add at present:

Informational pages:
Index page - The principles of Ubuntu
Free Software - The principles of Open Source
Ubuntu elements and packages - what comes with Ubuntu?
The Desktop - GNOME, KDE, etc.
Backing and Support
The difference between Ubuntu and other Linux distros
The meaning of 'ubuntu'
What is Linux?
What is GNU?
Links to this forum, the LoCo Team page and other Ubuntu-related sites.
Links to the Zim Open Source site and other open source sites.
Links to Linux sites and resources.

Ubuntu ISO's
Repository Mirror

Anything else that we need to add?