Firstly, the New Jersey Team will be up for approval at the next
community council meeting. I sent our application to Jono, who
said it looks good (he also gave me a smiley face, which is probably a
good sign). I'll update you guys when a date is set for the meeting.
For those unaware, being approved means we get more stuff, which is
what really matters.

Secondly, for those unaware, the team has a planet (for those
unaware of a what a planet is, it's a site that syndicates the blogs
of everyone in a community, and also provides a feed for the
community). There's now more people on the planet, but if you have an
Ubuntu blog, live in new jersey, and aren't on there already, please
contact me if you'd like me to add you to the planet. I'd also like
hackergotchis for anyone that doesn't have one, but they're of
course optional.

Finally, I'm currently trying to bring together our next event. It's
going to be a Linux LAN Party, and I'm aiming for the beginning of
December. Let me know if you have any locations you can arrange for
us, especially if they're in the Central Jersey area.