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Thread: dual lcds wow

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    dual lcds wow

    hi there,

    i am running ubuntu gutsy 7.10 and using dual lcds which work very well together.

    my only problem is that when i am playing WoW - The game automatically sets the resolution to like 2560x1800 (something like that) and it is impossible to change it to anything else in the settings - so i cannot play the game on only 1 lcd. Is there any way/command to force WoW to always run at 1280x1024 so that i can play the game on only LCD.

    please help guys


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    Re: dual lcds wow

    You can try editing the in WTF in the WoW directory, I think it would be
    SET gxResolution "1280x1024"
    OR if that dosen't work try deleting the file and editing the video settings yourself using this addon, and it will be changeable, hope it works for you
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