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    Your hardware recommendations

    Hello all,

    I've been looking through the Ubuntu threads as well as searching on the internet and I really don't see any good side by side comparisons of tuner cards on the market. Hauppauge tends to be the standard but what few reviews I've found indicate their image quality isn't as good as some of the other boards available. In what I've found during my research I'm going to have to replace my tuner, ir, and remote so I thought I'd see just how many of the good folks here if you would be kind enough to offer your recommendations. I've outlined my current usage below but if I'm going to spend money on hardware I think I'd like to have 2 tuners (dual or individual). One would go to the cable box and one would go to an analog cable connection. Having an option for HD would be nice but not required.

    I'm currently running Windows XP (MCE 2004) utilizing a Emuzed Maui III-G PVR (Gateway Machine) Tuner card and an old style MCE Remote - Ovation OVU400002/00 USB Remote Control Receiver/IR Transmitter (Windows Identifies as eHome Infrared Transceiver / eHome Remote Consumer Controls) with Cox Cable service (Tulsa OK - General Instrument DCT-2244). This set up works just fine for regular viewing and general recording but I'm sick of the bugs and limitations iin MCE2004. I really don't like Windows Vista and from what I've seen in Ubuntu 7.10 it is clean, nice, and responsive so I'd like to cut over to it with MythTV. There are still some windows apps that I will have to deal with but I can to that in a regular XP vm.

    CPU: 3.2Ghz P4
    RAM: 2GB
    Video Card: ATI Radeon 9600 Series
    HD1: 500GB SATA (OS, Apps, Data)
    HD2: 500gb SATA (Recordings Etc)
    Tuners: Emuzed Maui III-G
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