Dear all,
I am new to Mythbuntu and I would like to set up a mac mini as a frontend and a "standard" pc with a dvb-t device and big hd as backend.
Both pcs are connected to a wlan router (the mac mini via wlan) and the backend with normal 100MBit Ethernet.

I have a few questions concerning this setup:
1. Currently I installed Mythbuntu 7.1 on the mac with the frontend option in the installation setup. After a reboot everything runs just fine but the wlan is not working. In fact it works somehow because it recognizes all the wlan access points around..unfortunately I secured my system with wpa2. Is this not possible to use in ubuntu because I just cant get any connection to my router
2. The backend should only have a keyboard but no monitor or remote or something like this. (of course for the installation a monitor might be necessary ). The backend is equipped with a dvb-t airstar2 technisat pci card. Currently I use linvdr on this system and everything runs just fine. Will this card also be supported by mythbuntu??
3. As the mac-mini and also the dvb-t limit does not allow much hd playback I only need the "normal dvb" features from mythbuntu. I have seen in previous threads that sometimes there might be problems with the mac-mini graphics card if its connected to a tv. What exactly are these problems and how can they be solved??

This is all for now

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Take care,