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    Alabama LoCo Map

    I have created a Google Map so that we can put in some pins to see where everyone lives. I have a Frappr Map for it, but the service was acting weird for me and Jason.

    Anyway, here is the Google Map:

    If anyone has any trouble putting their pin in, post there name (real name preferably) and their city and I will get it on there.

    I got this idea from the Louisiana Team. They have a very nice site setup at You should stop by and check it out.

    Also, watch for some changes in the AlabamaTeam. We are going to try to get to Approved Status with Canonical. It is a simple process, but we need to start coming together and doing some stuff to spread the word about ubuntu. You can see what need to be done to get Approved status here:

    We are going to need a lot of help, but more details will be provided in a post later today or this weekend.

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