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To be more specific, programs stop responding, and the GUI freezes up from time to time. I know that the problem is tied to firefox; perhaps a plugin. However if I disable all of the plugins and restart firefox, I don't get 'all' of my memory back.

In other words, if I start off at 30% of Ram and it creeps up to 80% after a few hours, if I disable all plugins (other than google talk) and restart firefox I might now be at 55%.

I finally made it down to PCExpress and just bought a couple more Gigs of DDR2 800 RAM. We'll see what happens in a few hours. I started out at 20% about two hours ago and now I'm at 28%. Now 'that's' nothing to be concerned about.

I'll keep watching it though. Maybe 10.04 just doesn't like hanging out with less than 4Gigs of RAM
Maybe you have a memory leak.

That would be a different issue than the issue highlighted by psusi. I like my caches flaming hot. I would prefer my memory refresh cycles to refresh data that i might need as opposed to refreshing it for data that i definitely won't need as it's not there.

I have 3GB ram on my laptop and 10.04 flies along.

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