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Thread: MythTV database (channel/listings) problems

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    MythTV database (channel/listings) problems

    Dear friends,
    I'm having some problems giving my listing and channel information to the mythTV DB. I am using custum-generated XML files and the command:

    mythfilldatabast --file 1 -1 listings.xml

    The channels are listed by name, but do not have a number associated with them. The listings are not present. Has anyone encountered a problem like this before? I am using the specifications in the XMLTV.DTD.

    Here is a sample of my XML file:

    <channel id = "4.cable">
    <display-name>4 - KNBC</display-name>
    <programme start = "200710220400" stop = "200710220500" id = "2.cable">
    <title>CBS Morning News</title>

    I appriciate any help on this topic. I can't wait to have a MythTV box !


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    Re: MythTV database (channel/listings) problems

    I fixed a problem in the XML <programme> tag, the id attribute should be channel. Now I have listings when I use the frontend and search for shows by title. When I try to search listings by channel, there is only <unknown> listings. Any ideas?

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    Re: MythTV database (channel/listings) problems

    have you tried mythfilldatabase --manual?


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