I just installed mythtv in xubuntu 7.10.
Right after install I get the "information below"

MythTV-Database reconfigure required

The mythtv-database package was upgraded or installed, but was unable to contact a MySQL server.
If you were in the process of dist-upgrading, this is normal as mysql-server is stopped for a portion of the upgrade.
If this is a fresh package installation, verify that mysql-server is installed and running. Once you have verified the server is running, you can reconfigure the package by running 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database'.
If your root password or location of the MySQL server are non standard, you can also update them via 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database'.

When I start mythtv (front or backend) it has me try to setup the sql connection. I have no idea what to do and haven't found anything on these forums that makes sense or has worked. Any help? I'm new to linux so detailed explanations are appreciated. Thanks.

Details of my system: Dell 733mhz PIII, 386mb ram, PVR-350 Tv tuner, xubuntu 7.10, nvidia geforce 5500