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Thread: 10/23/07 IRC Meeting Agenda

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    10/23/07 IRC Meeting Agenda

    The following items are slated to be discussed at this week's Team Meeting:

    1. Team Membership Expiration
    2. Gutsy Install Party(s) Locations and Dates.

    Please post you additional agenda items in this thread or to the team whiteboard.

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    Re: 10/23/07 IRC Meeting Agenda

    Regional Teams - discuss feasibility and schedule the regional team meetings ET/MT/WT areas.
    Roadmap - get an idea of what we want to achieve and which projects the group should work on to achieve those goals?
    Recording "Secretary" - we need one person/or multiple people to be at the meetings and take minutes.
    Official Team logo - saxonjf has created some nice logos to use. We should vote on the official.
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