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Thread: Gutsy Gibbon - New Release Meet !!!!!

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    Gutsy Gibbon - New Release Meet !!!!!

    Date: 27th Saturday October 2007 !

    Place: Randburg Water Front

    Time: 1:00pm till 4:00pm

    Place to meet: In front of the movie houses. also i am not standing there from 1:00 -> 4:00 will be there from 1:00 to 1:15

    Will have a few copies of the release there.

    If you want to come, you are more than welcome.

    Please click here >@< to add yourself to the list if your coming !
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    Re: Gutsy Gibbon - New Release Meet !!!!!

    man, cant believe someone suggested a place that dont exist.
    you know ice_rage, you were right, we shoulda tried to phone and book. then we would of realised our problem.

    anyways, looking forward to seeing you there this weekend. least we all know where the movies are.

    i've also tried to get a fresh attendees list going on the wiki. please add yourself.
    thanks for putting in so much effort for this meet. its really appreciated.


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