Thank you, I made it rather quickly with GIMP. As for making time, save states might help

dfreer gave the command you need. build-dep does work though, I'm not using medi-buntu, but the command is exactly:

sudo apt-get build-dep zsnes
No space between the hyphen. Try and see if that does the trick.
sudo apt-get install autoconf
that should take care of the autogen error

Yes, there are a lot of great commands and tricks... You just kind of stumble upon them though... Unless you read a lot of manual pages.

As for rom, and yes I know the forum rules, this is not a link to the rom itself, just a patch file:


It's fun and extensive zelda III hack (requires the original zelda III rom), much harder than the original... Although a few save states and cheat codes I made balance things out

Anyway, zsnes supports soft patching.
So just put the ips file with the same name as the rom, and you'll be good to go.

P.S. Dfreer, hope you don't mind me copying your response style