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Thread: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    New install of Gutsy 7.10 on a PIII/933Mhz Dell GX110 Optiplex 512 megs mem 6.4gb Quantum drive using external USR 56K modem. Initially I had trouble installing Gutsy as I had no working internet - so it would hang on "checking mirror." Once I deactivated Network it completed. Things I like (comparsion vs Dapper 6.06):

    - "Send to..." works in Nautilus and I can CHOOSE THUNDERBIRD! This is GREAT and I use all of the time.

    - Tbird 2.0 is included.

    - MP3 playback automatically searches for proper codecs.

    - After trying to get MP3 output from Soundjuicer, I searched online and found the answer through Applications/Add/Remove and Search for "ubuntu-restricted." Install those and it takes care of Flash, MP3 and a few others I can't recall. Fantastic - great improvement over Dapper.

    - Canon BJC-6000 printer WORKS now.

    - Screens and Graphics/Sounds have received a heap of new features.

    - Closing apps from Taskbar (sorry, don't know the real name) from bottom using right-mouse "Close" kills misbehaving apps most of the time. Another great feature.

    - No fooling around with wvdial to activate a dialup connection. In fact, I could have used Network Manager but it seemed a bit slow and clunky so opted for tried and true (although with noted bugs) Gnome-PPP.

    This is a fantastic work in progress and I look forward to installing 8.04. Great work guys.

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Bought the book "The Official Ubuntu Book" which included a 7.04 DVD. I installed that on my Gateway Laptop an M285 E, on the back half of the drive. The front half is XP Pro. The installed went in without any problems. I then put in all of the updates.

    Right now it is upgrading to 7.10 and I have seen no errors. It is a good release I think.

    David Davis
    Toledo, OR USA

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Hey all just wanted to share with you the entire history of my Ubuntu experience .

    Last spring, I tried Linux for the first time with Feisty, and although I worked very hard to get things working, I eventually gave up and went back to XP. Reasons for me leaving Feisty included: could not figure out WINE or virtualization, major problems with graphics drivers, screen resolution, and other display issues. Amarok didn't work for unknown reasons, and I wasn't that into banshee or rhythmbox. Also, couldn't figure out how to get my scanner working.

    Now this fall, when Gutsy came around, I figured I'd pull up the bootstraps and try it again. I was very pleased to find no graphics driver or display problems when I installed, everything(display wise)just worked straight out of the install. Very very very happy about this. Next, amarok worked great, and the PDF editing software is drastically improved(I need to edit alot of PDFs for work). The big challenge for me so far has been Virtualbox- which I believe did not provide adequate instructions for newbies. Although relatively easy to get various aspects of Vbox working, it took me many hours of searching forums and trial and error to get it up and running properly. Today though, I can say with great enthusiasm that my Vbox is working great, and this time around, I really think linux is going to stay on my computer.

    My main criticism is still the lack of "translation" for newbies. Much of the language that Linux people use to help us does not appear to be jargon to them, but to us newbies, such language is quite intimidating and simple things appear ominous when they actually are not.

    My main compliment is to the Ubuntu community for this forum, and all the support they have given me. Without a help forum like this, I would never be able to use Linux.Also, gutsy , on my computer, has more things working right out of the box, and so I really applaud this release.

    Thanks community and go Ubuntu!

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    The purpose of this thread is to share your experience installing/upgrading gutsy.

    Did it work flawlessly ?

    Almost. Best install of any LInux I've tried, and I really liked Ubuntu asking me if I wanted drivers if I didn't have them already (this happened when I tried a movie clip at one point and an mp3 or mp4 file at another). It downloaded the driver and *boom* I was up and functioning. Also like the high-end screen effects (stretchy frames and so on) tho it is mainly eye candy. Very intuitive, too, for the most part (the network applet needs a graceful way to back out of having selected 'manual' -- I had the dickens of a time with that when I accidentally selected it at one point.) I give 7.10 an A- for install, even with the troubles I had.

    Did you got problems ?

    Yes. I had to switch out my newer Orinoco silver wireless card for an older but still functional Hawking wireless card. Later, I was able to manual hack around and get the Orinoco working, but at a signal strength that seems very low (39% when my hub sometimes generates around 90% under winduhs xp).

    Other issue. Hooking to a network printer. I haven't yet solved that one.

    Did you manage to solve them ?

    Yes, but not all. (Printer remains a major annoyance!) See above. My mucking about with network settings seemed to mess everything up for a while, and even caused gnome to apparently gag on my settings. It said my settings file was horked, but seems okay now.

    if yes how ?

    You think I know? I'm one of those idiot savants that has a sort of wierd gift for fixing computers... but often cannot tell you what I did when asked. Sigh. But again, I think Ubuntu continues to improve (I've been around since 5 point something). Ubuntu did the impossible and sold me on the Gnome desktop... I used to be a KDE man. (Only caveat, it is still fairly easy to "break" gnome's desktop settings...)

    Well done! I'm getting the word out to all my geeky pals.

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Quote Originally Posted by frodon View Post
    The purpose of this thread is to share your experience installing/upgrading gutsy.

    Did it worked flawlessly ?
    Did you got problems ?
    Did you manage to solve them ?
    if yes how ?

    Feel free to post your experience here and think to explain how you solved the problems you got, it might help other users in your case.

    Thank you for contributing
    The upgrade went pretty smoothly. I got a few warning that things had changed and that some things would be deleted. After it finished, the system rebooted. I now have no eth0 connection at all. I'm running this on a Dell that came with feisty.

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    I did an install from the downloaded Gutsy ISO on a Dell Latitude D500 laptop - an old machine.

    Most things work, but I had three hardware issues, two of them still ongoing:

    1. 750 GByte Seagate FreeAgent Pro external USB HDD formatted with NTFS. This drive spins down after 15 minutes of inactivity after which it can no longer be used with Ubuntu. However, the "ALLOW_RESTORE" flag takes care of this problem, so now this drive is working fine for me. Something ought to be done in future releases to take care of this automatically.

    2. Wacom Tablet not working reliably. I don't know what the problem is, but despite doing lots of research online, I cannot get the thing to work all the time. It works some of the time, and then fails. Reloading the Wacom driver does not fix the problem - I have to restart X. After it fails xsetwacom cannot find the tablet either, but I can see output using xxd or wacdump. Very annoying.

    3. Network manager hangs my laptop every time I try to shutdown. I have tried everything short of replacing gnome-network-manager with wicd, and nothing works. There are lots of anecdotal suggestions about things to modify in /etc/modules, grub's menu.lst, etc. It's all folklore - nothing truly fixes the problem. I really need this fixed. I don't want to have to remove the network manager, but hanging my system to shutdown is intolerable.

    I should point out that when my laptop was still running Windows 2000 with service pack 3 a week ago, these three hardware issues did not exist.


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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    It is working pretty good on my Dell Latitude D820. Only few things to correct as the Nvidia driver for my Gforce card. The only thing that is not working yet is the Open Office 2.3.
    The rest... I think is working well.

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    I had been putting off installing Ubuntu for a while, but after buying a new hard drive, I decided to get back into the Linux world.

    I needed to keep Vista Business installed on my system for various reasons, but decided to use the uber-large new disk for Ubuntu and other things.

    I installed Vista on one disk, and managed to easily install Ubuntu on the other disk via the Live CD.

    Re-booted back to Vista, ran EasyBCD to get an updated loader to point to the Ubuntu boot image, and was off to the races. So I thought! I had neglected to choose the "advanced" option during the last step of the install process and did not get to specify the location for the bootloader.

    This lead to a series of problems, but the Live CD allowed me to re-install and post to the forums while in the install shell session. I was impressed by the ease of installation, but frustrated by my simple mistake. It took several re-boots and messing with partition utilities to get me to a place to where I could boot into Ubuntu.

    ID-10-t error I guess From the look of Ubuntu, I think I will be able to remove the necessity for Vista/Windows completely from my household. It's been a long time coming, but Ubuntu is making that last jump to "generic usability" that I think has been missing from many distro's up to now.

    Thanks Ubuntu!

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    The upgrade didn't seem to catch everything that it was supposed to. I only found this out after formatting (after totally screwing up my drive) and installing Gutsy via LiveCD.

    Certain things that I had after the LiveCD install that I didn't get through the update from Fesity to Gutsy:
    Correct monitor resolutions
    updated power-manager
    updated network-manager

    Other than that it was a smooth install. And, apparently thanks to the updated kernel, I'm getting about 30% more battery life.

    I definitely feel bad for the people who's install didn't go off without a hitch because Gutsy is a much better OS IMO.

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Well...I'm sad and disappointed. As a wannabe ubuntu user, I had pleasant hopes that the ubuntu cds that I had ordered (and received today) would lead to a new and enjoyable experience.

    Both the free cds and the one I paid for from pctech101 arrived simultaneously--two ubuntu 7.10 cds, and one kubuntu 7.10. None of them worked on my Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop, whether I began with "start and install" or, instead, began with "start in safe graphics" modes.

    All the installs began with the ubuntu logo, then lead into a list of checks, then lead into various screen abnormalities, which finally lead into complete freezes. I am now in this forum, and seeing that ubuntu is much more complicated and problematical than some of the advertising had suggested, when it referred to ubuntu as being 99% ready for consumers.

    What a bummer!

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