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Thread: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Tried updating from within Update Manager after checking my 7.04 system was fully up to date.

    System downloaded all the files ok, and started to install the system. It got half way through and it had crashed, not responding to anything. Tried rebooting nothing... Reinstalled 7.04 from CD, that went ok. Didn't add anything, did an update, all ok. Then tried the Upgrade again to 7.10.

    Same again it downloaded the files ok, started the install, but froze after about 30% and had been there for several hours. Rebooted, but it came up in a mixture of 7.04 and 7.10 I think, no network connection 'No HAL' so I reinstalled 7.04 again....

    I have a 7.10 CD on order... I will try that as a fresh install and see what happens...


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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Quote Originally Posted by Can+~ View Post
    It worked on feisty, I'll try it on the livecd now, thanks.
    Ok.. I tried using the low graphics mode, it freezed, so I restarted xorg, and tried another config, freezed, the third time I tried another one (I think vesa) and worked.

    I got into the Desktop, but I'm not sure if it's worth upgrading. So.. I'm gonna wait some time, specially because there are a lot of rough edges on the new xorg's bulletproof. I mean, the idea of bulletproof is awesome, but it needs some auto-restarting, since I had to do it manually to make it work.

    So I'm sticking to Feisty, maybe I'll try Gutsy on a virtual box before reinstalling.

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Clicked on update manager, and had the new system up and running in about three hours with no problems at all.

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    After problems with 7.10 Upgrade done through Update Manager on my laptop, I tried installing from the Alternate CD.

    Pages of installer very slow to load and eventually hung at 82% installing linux-generic.
    No HDD activity, no CD-Rom activity, nothing for an hour.

    Back to 7.04, currently being re-installed from Alternate CD.

    May try to get 7.10 through Update Manager again in a few weeks.
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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Been working at it for over 24 hours now and there's absolutely no end in sight. I've changed source servers, I've tried doing it in recovery mode, I've downloaded the alternate CD, and there is nothing yet that has gotten me even remotely close to actually getting this upgrade.

    Upgrades have been getting progressively worse since I first downloaded 5.10. Seriously, why?

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    I've been using Linux for over two years now and have faced several upgrades/installations before. But here's my experience with upgrading from Feisty to Gutsy:
    Firstly, to avoid all the busy servers I downloaded the files days before the last Gutsy was complete -- although it still took many hours (approx 8 hrs!) on my high speed connection -- then I only had a couple of files to upgrade when the new version was released. In my prior Feisty upgrade the servers were totally jammed for over a week after the release (and by the messages that I'm seeing, they are jammed again this time) -- this idea of getting the upgrade early saved me from much stress.

    I followed the basic upgrade instructions found on the KDE (Kubuntu) site, and overall the installation went much better then my installation to Feisty.

    When I first tried to upgrade to Gutsy the installer would not start because of some problematic repositories in my package manager. I disable these and the installation ran without any interruptions.

    Some of the problems that I faced before finalizing the installation included:
    1) changing the video driver back to nv (standard nvidia), then I tried Envy to uninstall/reinstall a newly compiled driver -- but the program couldn't uninstall it, I then accidentally discovered that the Gnome desktop had a menu for "Restricted Drivers" that allowed me to install the Nvidia driver for my specific video card -- then when I rebooted and opened my normally used KDE destop, all was working as it should.
    2) I had problems getting Compiz to work (which I was using in Feisty), so I totally removed all files/packages related to Compiz and then reinstalled -- everything works fine now (although I had to adjust my configuration again).
    3) I have sound (unlike my upgrade to Feisty) but Amarok complains that "Xine cannot find the drivers" when loading. So I changed the audio driver to OGG and the problem went away --- however I don't know what the effect will be for making this change and may have to troubleshoot this in the future.
    4) Some small problems include: no basket icon in Kontact, the need to reinstall/compile Wine and Vmware (and the Admin portion of the Control Center cannot/will not install Wine), I would like to see a tutorial that would help with new features (such as reinstalling the Nvideo driver, VMware, etc).
    The good things about Gutsy: some things load faster (although video seems slower), Tasty Menu panel suddenly works (was installed in Feisty, but didn't work), after reinstalling Wine the menu now has submenus, and there are lots of other good things in the upgrade...

    Oh, there are always things that I wish had been implemented in this new version (i.e. please work on the "help system"), but all-in-all it's a good upgrade and the process of upgrading was the easiest to date. Well done to all of you who have participated ! And thank you very much !! =D>
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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    I've been using (k)ubuntu since 6.10 I guess, and this install was easily the worst I've been through. I installed kubuntu on one of my machines, ubuntu on the other. Both had serious issues.

    First kubuntu:
    - I have an EVGA GeForce 7800 GT card. Not overclocked. I think this is a pretty standard card to use in a linux desktop. The desktop installation simply does not work with this card, as the nv driver doesn't work with it under ubuntu - black screen (but has under other distributions.. go figure). So i grabbed the alternate install.
    - Ran check CD for errors upon booting the alternate CD. The check resulted in a garbled screen as it checked for errors, and as i tried to see the status through the weird lines, I could not determine in the end if the CD had problems or not. So i crossed my fingers and installed from it anyway.
    - Wireless not detected at install-time, despite being a linux-friendly rt-2500 card.
    - Install finishes, Grub installs to MBR, trying to boot up from grub i get a no such partition error. Boot in rescue mode, find out that for whatever reason, ubuntu decided to use (hd1) in grub, instead of (hd0). Manually changing hd1 to hd0 solved this problem, but really, should I have to?
    - Boot into kubuntu for the first time, and I have two monitors. One displays the progress correctly, the other is a garbled mess of blue. This problem still exists even after using Vesa and Nvidia drivers.
    - Wireless support was far from out-of-the-box. Needed to manually edit my /etc/network/interfaces despite (as i mentioned) using a linux friendly card.
    - I don't know if easy multi-monitor configuration was promised in kubuntu, as it was ubuntu, but it was just as "easy" as feisty. Use nvidia-settings, which constantly complains about conflicting metamodes, etc, and only sometimes does what I tell it. I got it into a state that hopefully it will be comfortable with now.

    Under ubuntu:
    - prism wavelan chipset. Not recognized at install-time.
    - This is probably my biggest gripe. I wanted to get mp3/dvd/codec support, which is supposed to be easy. Trying to play an mp3, it tells me that i need codecs. OK, try to install gstreamer-XXX. Repository not available, check internet connection and click refresh. Internet's working fine at this point, but trying to click on the gstreamer plugins keeps telling me to refresh. Now i know the servers are really pressured yesterday, but it's coming back with this error immediately. This one had me stumped until I noticed that the package manager COMMENTED OUT every single one of my repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list, since it could not verify them (I assume due to the heavy server load yesterday). What?! What kind of design is that? My sources were completely useless after the server timed out once.

    I spent a few hours yesterday working through these issues, and I'm pleased with what I finally ended up with as a desktop, but these installation issues were terrible. I don't know if i'd be comfortable telling one of my non-computer savvy friends to give this a whirl anymore. Having said that, I'm pleased with the desktop experience I've finally ended up with and I'll be leaving it on there.

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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    I was going to do an upgrade. Thought about it for a day. Decided to wipe/install fresh 7.10.

    I wanted to see if I remembered everything I did to customize my system. I also wanted to install a new version of the Cisco VPN client.

    Worked like a charm and I remembered everything. Kinda keeps my memory fresh. My version of mind games.

    7.10 is nice!


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    Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    i tried to install by way of the update-manager -d with no success i get
    the error -failed to fetch
    i have wine installed,mybe i should unistall wine and try.
    i have downloaded the iso file for 7.10 gutsy so i will burn it to a disk and try to
    install from it. also i am dual booting my laptop i had vista installed but ever since i installed
    ubuntu i have not booted up to vista since,i like to get this to work.

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    Unhappy Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Downloaded iso images using bittorrent yesterday, that went very fast.

    Tried to install using the alternate disk, and installed stuck for hours "Scanning for mirror...", unplugging network cable did not help. Also, the system was overheating, probably processor was maxed out (no idea why), so I had to shut down.

    Tried again today and eventually went past "Scanning for mirror".

    This is pretty bad, if I install from CD I would expect to be able to skip the mirror checking. Also, while scanning for mirrors the processor should not max out.

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