HP zd7000 series laptop (zd7102us) with NVidia GeforceGO video and Broadcom 4306 Wireless.

Install went fine. Compiz works pretty well, aside from a few graphical glitches on some transitions (which disappear after the effect ends).

Wireless did not appear to work right out of the box, so I tried a few things and finally managed to see that the LED doesn't light up when the device is recognized - it only lights when the device is transmitting/receiving. So, it may have worked earlier, I don't know. I used the easy-script for BCM43xx wireless (a sticky in the wireless section) and after activating it, it's working properly, even through a reboot.

I'm too "scared" to re-enable the default Ubuntu restricted driver, since this is all working right now. Maybe I'll try it later.

So, everything looks to be good now!