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Faced a couple of issues after the upgrade.

EVMS package issue
These Launchpad comments annoyed me:

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I've summed up the situation in more detail here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Evms

This hopefully explains why we've chosen to drop support for and remove evms, and what the underlying problem is that causes this bug.

I've also confirmed that updating from dapper *does* cause the removal of evms (see the screenshots on that wiki page), so I'm content that users upgrading to 7.10 will have evms removed unless they try hard not to (e.g. because they're using).
Well, no. As documented at the Wiki, here's what the notice from update-manager says:

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Support for some applications ended

Canonical Ltd. no longer provides support for the following software packages. You can still get support from the community.

If you have not enabled community maintained software (universe), these packages will be suggested for removal at the end of the upgrade.
I read this, and I think "So, they've moved some packages from main to universe. Who cares?". I had universe enabled anyway, and that description makes it sound like I wouldn't even be prompted to remove them in that case. But I was. So, having read that innocuous-sounding notice, I told update-manager not to remove them. Result: On reboot, I lost my home directory.

What the notice should say is "Removal of these packages is strongly recommended," or even "If you don't remove evms, you'll probably break your system."