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Thread: Beyond The Red Line

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    Beyond The Red Line

    UGA's News Discussion of Beyond The Red Line.

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    Re: Beyond The Red Line


    Maybe I'm being really stupid, but I'd like to apply the patch for BTRL but don't see how.

    I've downloaded the new installer but this is just a jar file. Now what do I do.

    The patch forum thread talks about having to update the existing updater, but I don't seem to have one. I wonder if I'm missing something.

    Has anyone else got this to work?



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    Re: Beyond The Red Line

    i'm having problems running the game as per here. As far as installing the patch tho, as long as you have Java version 1.5 or greater, just right click on the .jar file and choose "Open with Sun Java Runtime". Once the installer is running, when asked point to the current install folder. hope this is clear! and helps.
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    Re: Beyond The Red Line

    Thanks mtn!

    I had tried just typing "java <jar file>" but that hadn't worked - I hadn't thought of using the file manager!

    Its now happily downloading... (though I did end up using the command line again as the game was installed as root!)

    Sorry to hear you've got problems - looking at that thread it would appear to be graphics card dependant. I've not had any problems running on Edgy with an old nvidia card and the nvidia closed driver.

    Hope you get it working...


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