jchase has finished up designing a flyer that we would like to distribute for the November 10th Gutsy install fest. You can download it and see it under "Gutsy Gibbon Install Fest" at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GeorgiaUSTeam/Marketing. A preview version is below.

We would like to distribute these to bookstores, coffee shops, libraries, schools and colleges, mom & pop computer stores, and big electronic retail stores if possible.

If you have a printer, print them out and put them up everywhere. jchase will be bringing some printed out flyers to Rick's Ubuntu Server talk at ALE Thursday night, so you can grab some from him if you will be attending.

If you blog, please post the flyer (or the smaller resized image below) and plug the Georgia LoCo! If you are part of a LUG, see if they can post about it as well.