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Thread: Installer dies near the end

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    Exclamation Installer dies near the end

    when i install i get to about 98% and it just hangs their. the system still is running and i can open menu's but ht einstall will not finish. i left it their for about 35 mins and still no change. i have tryed it about 3 time now. with the network cable in and cable out.

    i have a pvr 150
    P4 3.0
    2gb ram
    500Gb sata
    nvidia 128mb

    the older version works just fine.but i was trying to upgrade to the newist..


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    Re: Installer dies near the end

    do you mean you are trying ubuntu 7.10 version gutsy ?

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    Re: Installer dies near the end

    Did you check the md5sum of the iso and verify the cd? Did you burn at a slow speed? If all of that still checks out there is a different approach to installing that we could try.

    Quote Originally Posted by jnorthr View Post
    do you mean you are trying ubuntu 7.10 version gutsy ?
    My guess would be that he tried a earlier alpha version and now the beta is not working. You are in the Mythbuntu forum.
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