Following this excellent thread I was able to not only download the 32 and 64 bit binaries (on two different computers of course), but I was also able to compile the latest svn copy of PCSX2. The only thing keeping me from playing it is the framerate.

When I go to the CPU screen it doesn't have any information about my processor. I followed the instructions on most forum postings which suggest to turn on just about everything to get the best play speed.

The problem I encounter is that the EERec causes even the bios to crash. If I turn it off I can run the bios using the CDVDnull driver, but it runs between 2-4 fps. When I turn the EERec compiler on it shows a black screen for 2-4 seconds that displays high framerates (50-150 fps) but then it crashes.

According to the last post on this page I should turn off sync to vblank, but when I opened nvidia-settings "sync to vblank" was already turned off. I obviously tried some other things, like turning it on and off and then rebooting, but I still have the same issue.

Thanks for your help in advance.