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Thread: Next meeting 13/10/07 @ 20:30 BST in #ubuntu-uk

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    Exclamation Next meeting 13/10/07 @ 20:30 BST in #ubuntu-uk

    Hi all,

    The next Ubuntu-UK Team meeting will be held via IRC at 20:30 BST (that's 19:30 UTC) on Saturday 13th October 2007 in #ubuntu-uk.

    We encourage everyone who is a member of the UKTeam to attend whether to take part or merely watch from the sidelines.

    If you have anything in particular you would like to table for discussion at the meeting, please add it to the following page:-

    You will need a launchpad account to edit this page.

    If you would rather not register on launchpad then feel free to mail me or reply to this post with items for discussion and someone else can add the item(s) for you.

    Please note however if you wish to discuss something then it makes sense for you to turn up at the meeting or it may get passed over.

    We try to keep the meeting to just one hour, but if there is a lot to
    discuss then we may overrun. Once the meeting is over we usually post the log to the page linked above pretty much immediately, then over the next few days whoever chaired the meeting disseminates the information into a more manageable summary on the same page.

    Hope to see you there.


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    Re: Next meeting 13/10/07 @ 20:30 BST in #ubuntu-uk

    I missed this one

    When is the next one
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