So, the fact that we have 1 active female in an organization dedicated to open source software (and she's a Windoze user...) got me wondering if there were any good places online to meet like-minded free software women. I did a Google search and got some software for setting up a dating service and some people talking about using blogs as a dating service, but there's got to be some wannabe that caters to the tech crowd, right? The women seemed to love the Firefox posters we gave out at Software Freedom Day, which say "please don't hurt the web" and have a cute pouty looking firefox on them (generously provided by Mozilla) but no new women on the listserv or at meetings since then. So, I guess there is another question embedded in the dating question. How do we get women more involved in open source software? The president of our Free Culture group on campus is female and one of lasts years presidents was female, so the interest in open information is there, but the leap to FOSS has happened yet.