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Thread: Converting ext3 to ext2

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    Converting ext3 to ext2

    I had a hard time finding out about this subject so i decided to share what i have learned. This worked perfect for me but you're probibly safer of making a backup and create a new partition.

    First, make sure the partition you are about to convert isn't mounted, that can cause data-loss!

    Now, open up a terminal and type:

    sudo tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/hdxx
    This turns off the journalizing flag on the partition.
    Next thing to do is run e2fsck:

    sudo e2fsck /dev/hdxx
    Since the filesystem no longer has a journal the check assumes the filesystem is ext2 and cleans it up and, voila, you got yourself a ext2 partition

    Note: the e2fsck took a loooong time for me.

    PS. I can't take credit for this, it was someting i found on the web (can't remember were though.

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    Re: Converting ext3 to ext2

    Nice hint, but I also had to edit /etc/fstab (ext3 -> ext2) to be able to log in again.

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    Re: Converting ext3 to ext2

    Bumping an old thread for another newb question, so forgive me if I broke a rule...

    I wish to switch to ext2 for increased performance on an old comp. I'm not sure how to unmount the harddrive.

    I am only running fluxbuntu, and apparently I can't unmount while I'm running it. When I exit the GRUB loader to the command line, no commands go recognizes?

    do I need an ubuntu live CD if I wish to unmount the only hard drive I have?


    ok i just figured it out as soon as I finished typing it. I need to log in as recovery mode.

    sorry, according to drive info it still says I run an ext3 system. is that normal?
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    Re: Converting ext3 to ext2

    you need to edit /etc/fstab at the same time as doing this. you should definatly do it from a livecd though.


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