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Thread: MySQL Tutorial needed

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    MySQL Tutorial needed

    I followed the instructions on setting up my LAMP system.
    I have Apache working since I can see something when I look at localhost.

    But now I'm wondering how I make MySQL work?
    How do I know if it's installed correctly.
    If it is, how do I create a database
    After I do create a database, how to link it with apache.

    Can anyone suggest some good books or web page that would great for a newbie?

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    Re: MySQL Tutorial needed

    Most anything you want / need is found in The MySQL Reference.

    Just setting up a fresh copy of MySQL? Give this a thorough read... and apply it to tighten up the security of your installation a bit.

    How to create a MySQL Database... The tutorials section is a good place to start... refer to section 3.3

    PS. MySQL in and of itself doesn't exactly fall into the camp of newbie friendly, likewise a lot of the documentation doesn't either.

    Have fun!
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