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Ok, wow. I got it to work. THANK YOU I know what I did wrong, too. You see what you put in bold up there, the "don't change anything else" part?

That's what I didn't do!
Information for all:

Please remember, that if you're going to follow any guide in the Ubuntu forums, you must do what the instructions tell you to do, and nothing else. It will save you a lot of time and bother of asking the same questions over, and over again, and getting nothing but headaches.

As an example: some here seem to think that because the pen won't work, that maybe they need to install the drivers. If the guide doesn't tell you to install them, then that is because you don't need to. If you decide to install non-standard drivers, and things break, then that becomes outside of the scope of this guide. If you wish to use non-standard stuff, then do it (at the very least), after you have it working first.

The guide is all you need to make this work. A lot of stuff (particularly drivers), already ships with a basic Ubuntu installation, so this guide is no more than a few 'tweaks'. So don't make it harder for yourself by adding stuff that isn't there.

Have fun.