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Thread: There is a scary discussion on the Ubuntu Developers mail list.

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    Re: There is a scary discussion on the Ubuntu Developers mail list.

    Quote Originally Posted by James85 View Post
    Ok, thanks. I would prefer to have the choice, even if I do make a mistake and install something bad.

    So your saying that Ubuntu has a lot of benevolentware/malware/whatever .deb files on the internet, and the developers just want to protect the users from them.

    That's ok I suppose, I just didn't realise that Linux has viruses and trojans like Windows. Or is it just Ubuntu? because nobody has said about this for other distros.

    PS: This thread isn't silly for me, I came to Linux for security as well as freedom. I see you've only got 2 beans, are you a new user as well?
    Pretty much everything has already been said in this thread, so I'll just recommend that you go back and read through all of it.

    This all stems from a developer discussion that was looking at what may be necessary in the future if and when Ubuntu gains a sizable share of the desktop market. There are no known viruses in the wild for Linux right now, and there are relatively few threats if you practice common sense safe surfing.

    The discussion, moreover, was about adding new features that would make it even easier than it currently is to install software, and how to implement this without greatly increasing the risk for users who don't spend a lot of time reading security bulletins.

    That's my summary, but don't take my word for: read it yourself.
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    Re: There is a scary discussion on the Ubuntu Developers mail list.

    Ok, thanks. I did read it by the way. Glad to know we're safe
    So at the moment I should just get stuff from the Ubuntu repositories then?

    I was going to get a program called Automatrix for some stuff, but my cousin said it would break my system, and he hasn't got the time to keep fixing it lol!, so I left it.

    Guess i've got some more reading to do. Plenty here on this forum though.

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