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Thread: Recycling old computers

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    Recycling old computers

    Hi All,

    I have a keen interest in recycling and certain "green" matters (by which I mean recycling, renewable energy, efficiency etc), and I realise that most consumer electronic equipment including computers can be recycled however it is much more efficient to re-use something before we use energy to recycle it.

    I heard on the grapevine that there are oganisations/charities that collect old out of date computers, installing a lite distro like ubuntu or DSL, and giving it to people without a computer. Essentially restoring and re-using it.

    I thought this would be a nice project and wondered if anyone heard of this being done already or even if anyone on here is doing something similar?

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    Re: Recycling old computers

    Check out this:
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    Re: Recycling old computers

    Also, there are several yahoo email groups for freecycle.

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    Re: Recycling old computers

    I would be donating, but I usually use computers until the hardware breaks/fries, and then I sometimes still salvage anything that didn't break/fry.

    Usually, any old hardware I end up with goes to a relative or a friend who needs a computer, running something light like JoliOS, elementaryOS, or something like Macpup(depending on how old the hardware is).

    BOTTOM LINE: Before you donate, check with your relatives/friends. That way, you will have donated to a good cause, but can still help them out if they're in trouble(usually, you know your own old hardware best).

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    Re: Recycling old computers

    The town were I live has an electronics recycling day a few times a year. They offer recycling of TVs, FAX machines, monitors, computers, etc. There are people that show up at the recycling center with screw drivers in hand. By the time the computers get from the parking area to the recycling center, they are reduced to carcases. The useful components get removed before they get to the recycling center. The recycling center is really only interested in the metals.

    I had 3 old HP/Compaq computers that I tried to donate to charity organizations; however, the charities don't seem to want anything that doesn't have Microsoft Windows and a Microsoft Windows license.

    I did find a use for those computers. My grandchildren wanted computers. I took the 3 old computers and made 2 Frankenstein computers out of them. I installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, codecs, flash plug-ins, etc. The grandchildren are comfortable with Ubuntu, they use Mac OS-X at school. They can play their on-line games, use drawing applications, word processors, etc. They had a Wii and an XBOX for serious gaming. The only problem with the Linux computers is they can't watch Netflix. For Netflix, they have to use the family, shared, Windows 7 computer for that.
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    Re: Recycling old computers

    We have a community recycling program and some of the big box electronic stores also have recycling programs . There are green mother boards and hard-drives as well , by green I mean low energy use . Some thing to consider if building a computer .
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