I'm going to buy a new laptop early next year. I am a super casual gamer but I do like to play with blender. I don't like messing with binary blobs if I can help it but some evils are necessary. I am strongly considering system 76 and dell. It is likely to be a linux only system. Proposed spending 750 to 1250 with tax so probably a grand cap is good.

Possible hardware configurations are what my brain is dreaming about

x38 gma3500 intels new chipsets offer wider bandwith and a new gfx card expected late this year.

Ati is now a contender because they opened there stuff but I know almost nothing about the hardware or where the driver situation is likely to be.

Nvidia is always a strong choice especially on the performance front however binary blob fun is not... well fun. I like the quattro cards and the 8800. Mmm overkill

then there is wifi and other sometimes not so friendly hardware anyone a super hardware expert.