I've released new UNetbootin builds for openSUSE that install the Factory (experimental, constantly under development) version.

Download location for the openSUSE-factory version is at http://sourceforge.net/project/showf...kage_id=256968

openSUSE-Factory Instructions

If installing openSUSE, after rebooting, ignore any error messages and select back if prompted for a CD, then go to the main menu, select the "Start Installation" option, choose "Network" as the source, choose "HTTP" as the protocol, and for the server, specify:

and for the folder, if installing openSUSE Factory, specify:

Also, since openSUSE-Factory is an experimental distributions, and thus frequently changes, the UNetbootin builds for them have a slightly different behavior; they will initiate the download of the latest builds of its netboot initrd and kernel files from the official mirrors rather than bundling them in. (Which is why the filesize is now down to a couple of kilobytes rather than several megabytes)