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Thread: Install Mandriva Without A CD

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    Install Mandriva Without A CD

    Note to mods: I don't see an Mandriva subforum here, so I'm posting here, move this to wherever it's appropriate. This isn't a duplicate of my other thread at since this covers Mandriva specific instructions, though I also posted this in the mandriva forums at

    Main Website At

    What This Does

    It's an installer for Windows or Linux users that lets you install Mandriva 2008 without a CD. The way it works is that a small (8 MB) installer places the PXE (netboot) version of the Mandriva installer on your hard drive, and configures your boot loader, either NTLDR if using Windows, or GRUB if using Linux, to boot from the PXE installer, and downloads and installs Mandriva from the net.


    You will need to either have a Windows (95-Vista) or Linux (any distro that uses GRUB) install already on your hard drive. You'll also need an internet connection. Apart from that, the requirements are the same as the standard Mandriva 2008 requirements.


    First, you'll need a spare, 4GB partition to store the ISO file in temporarily for the installer, and another partition to install Mandriva in. If you're using Windows Vista, just open the Drive Management utility and that'll do it for you; otherwise you will have to use the PartedMagic Partition Manager (download)

    Then, visit the Mandriva Download Page and download "Mandriva Linux Free 2008" to the new 4GB partition. Do NOT download the "One" version; it will not work.

    Then, download the appropriate installer package (UNetbootin Mandriva 2008.0) from

    If using Windows, download the .exe file, if using Mandriva, Fedora, or another rpm-based distro, download the .rpm file, if using Ubuntu, Debian, or another deb-based distro, download the .deb file, and if using a distro that doesn't support rpm or deb, download the sh file.

    Then, install the package, and reboot. A menu entry should appear in the boot menu, titled "UNetbootin". Select that entry, and boot. When asked for a source of installation media, select "Hard Drive" as your install option.

    Then, select the hard drive you have the ISO file stored in, and specify the directory in which it is located.

    Then, the main installer will start, and wait as Mandriva is installed.


    UNetbootin also supports Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora, Arch Linux, and Debian. Post a reply if you need any help, new features, or another supported distro. The website is located at
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