This is meant to be a forum community built Ubuntu derivative directory thread.

This is a simple fact finding thread, to list Ubuntu Derivatives...(please do not link out to other websites that have other or partial list compiled)

If you are a Dev. or know of or use a Ubuntu Derivative OS please list it here. Try to keep it as simple and informative as possible, here is a sample format:
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1. Distro & Link: OzOs, OzOs|apt:foo


Public release date: 23-Jan-2008

Size of ISO: 616MB

Based on: Ubuntu Gutsy(more up-to-date then the original Gutsy)

Default DE/WM: e17 (hand built/customized by Rui Pais from CVS)

Currently available for: amd64

Country of origin: International/Worldwide (Australia, Portugal, USA, & others)

ISO/Torrent Download Page: link

LinuxTracker Torrent: link


Forum: link

Date Posted: 02/05/2008

Date updated: ___________(for future use)

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If you can think of any other information to add to the derivative you post, please do. Try to avoid duplication, bias, or reviews. Keep to the facts, have fun adding other derivatives. Also try to only post derivatives that you can keep the information up to date.

Have Fun