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Thread: HOWTO: ET:Quake Wars windows demo with WINE

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    HOWTO: ET:Quake Wars windows demo with WINE

    This thread describes how to install and run windows Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo on Linux, using wine. It says Debian, but it works for Ubuntu too.

    I play it on Kubuntu 7.04 Feisty and I'm having a blast. Enjoy !
    Just one note. Currently, PunkBuster doesn't work via wine. Play on servers without PB and everything is ok. My ingame name is b0rsuk .
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    Re: HOWTO: ET:Quake Wars windows demo with WINE

    Has anyone managed to do this with WINE 0.9.45? Its in the repos actually. I get error message "the desktop must be in 32bpp" which is fixed by applying the first patch when you compile 1.9.44. But downgrading and compiling is time consuming and I use wine with another app which I don't want to break.

    I would have thought that the later version would have implemented the patch.


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