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    Exclamation First Meeting

    Today we set a time for our very first formal Minnesota LoCO meeting. It will be held this Thursday, 20 September 2007, at 16:00-18:00 CDT (4-6 PM locally, in the UCT-5 timezone). The meeting will be held online, in the #ubuntu-minnesota IRC channel on the Freenode network. The agenda for topics of discussion is at, and should be considered a work in progress which Minnesotans are free to edit up until the meeting if they have any points they would like to add. Note that this is a public meeting, so anybody is welcome to attend and participate (ie, you don't need to be an official member on Launchpad, etc.). Logs will be made available afterwards as well.

    For those who are not yet familiar with IRC, take a look at for a start, or ask for help on the mailing list.

    Hope to see all Ubuntu-using and curious Minnesotans there!
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