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Thread: Run PSPICE in Wine

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    Re: Run PSPICE in Wine

    I made it work with PSPICE 9.1 and wine 1.0.1 with Ubuntu Jaunty by doing the following:

    1) I installed it in a directory with no spaces in it.
    2) I followed the advice of the person above. You need a PSPICEEV.INI that is known to work with the installed version on a Windows machine, and then edited with the appropriate path names.

    I hope this helps someone else.


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    Re: Run PSPICE in Wine

    Works for me!

    After all, I don't need an original windows ini file;

    1) Install pspice without any spaces c:\orcad_demo
    2) install dcom98 from wintricks
    3) open schematics and go to: Option - Editor cofiguration.

    3.1) Write "C:\OrCAD_Demo\PSpice\Library"; in library path.
    3.2) library settings ... and "add*" and "add local" all libraries from /.../pspice/library (for me, the program say that i can only add 10 local libraries, so I don't add the last one)

    Go to get new part and there are all.
    Simulate works to.

    PS: I don't know the diference betwen "add*" and "add local"

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    Re: Run PSPICE in Wine

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack-in-Box View Post
    I would just like to re-iterate Villindesign's suggestion to use LTSpice ( I have been using it in the most demanding high frequency analogue design applications and found it the best Spice simulator I have used bar none .. as well as which, from my experience, it works straight out of the box with Wine on Ubuntu and Suse.. and is free! It has not been designed to integrate easily into an integrated design package like pSpice and Orcad, but, depending on what you are trying to do, that kind if integration can cause as many problems as it solves.
    i tried winetricks but after installing dcom98 wine failed to install pspice, i've spent enough time on gEDA, maybe if i started from 0 on my own it would work all right, but my university gave me pspice .cir files and i've lost enough time trying to make gnucap work.
    linear's software worked fine on wine, on the first run.

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    Re: Run PSPICE in Wine

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to say - thanks for this thread, helped me to install PSpice 9.1 under Ubuntu 10.04; here are my steps:

    [SOLVED] Installing & Running PSpice Student 9.1 on Ubuntu Lucid - Ubuntu Forums


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