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Thread: HOWTO: Win32 Video Codecs (AMD64 and 64bit systems)

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    HOWTO: Win32 Video Codecs (AMD64 and 64bit systems)

    This HOWTO is mainly aimed at all the users of Ubuntu 64bit (although it would work also on a 32bit system) who can't (obviously) install these codecs using the repositories.

    If you want to watch your movies (avi and wmv) or listen to your music files (wma) which require Win32 codecs this is what you need:

    1)You have to OWN A LEGAL COPY of Windows, because these are proprietary codecs (somebody correct me if I'm wrong)

    2)Install “xine-ui” and “totem-xine” in Synaptic or type in the command line:
    sudo apt-get install xine-ui ; totem-xine

    3) Launch Xine (or Totem) and try to play a video (this will create a .config file)

    4) Download the codecs from this website:
    (just download the “essential codecs package”)

    5) Open the command line(“Konsole” if you are using KDE, “Terminal” if you are using GNOME) and follow these steps:

    a) Get to the directory where you have downloaded the file (/home/alberto/downloads in my case)

    cd /home/alberto/downloads

    b) Create the directory in which you are going to put the codecs (/usr/lib/win32)

    sudo mkdir /usr/lib/win32

    c) Now, assuming the file you downloaded is “essential-20050412.tar.bz2”:

    tar -xjf essential-20050412.tar.bz2 (this will extract the file)

    sudo mv essential-20050412/* /usr/lib/win32 (this command will move the files to the desired folder)

    d) Now restart xine (if you were using it)

    Congratulations, now you can open wma, wmv, and avi files by using Totem and Xine!


    UPDATE: It seems wmv9 don't work with my HOWTO.
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