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Thread: Macromedia Fireworks CS3

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    Macromedia Fireworks CS3

    I have tried to run this through Wine to no avail, can anyone please assist me in setting the program up so I can return to graphic designing? Thanks a bunch!

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    Re: Macromedia Fireworks CS3

    The installer is not supported in cs3. But you can hack yourself around it. Notice that Fireworks cs3 works better in Ubuntu 7.10 than 8.04

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    Smile Re: Macromedia Fireworks CS3

    I got photoshhop cs3 half working. without WINE... kinda.
    also I have fireworks cs3 working fine.

    I just copied the files from my windows hardrive and opened the fireworks.exe and it worked.
    With photoshop i had a little more messing about until it kinda worked apart from the panels being really glitchy.
    I tried cs3 flash but the splash screen came up then an error that closed it came up. so no flash.

    I can make fireworks files and everything perfect.
    I can make photoshop files but the panels all glitchy and text is weird.

    I cant even open flash.

    I didnt need to install anything into wine or anything, just open my other drives and open them...

    maybe its because the cs3 master collection i got was ummm.. not so legal copy.. cough.
    but idk im just a noob user who gets very lucky.

    (ps i really want to get hammer on sourcesdk for half life2 working, but black and flikery glitchy windows appear)

    bye, thanks for reading.


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