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Hi guys - Think I might have a solution to this for you.

I was having the same problem until I went into System>Administration>login screen setup (I think you can also run "gksudo gdmsetup" to get this). I then switched to the "security" tab and unchecked the box next to "Always disallow TCP connections to X server"

While I was there I also switched the graphical greeter to "happy gnome with browser" so that I could see domain users on bootup - just to make sure everything was looking ok!

I hope this helps. If its wrong or if theres anything stupid contained within, then please accept my apologies - I've only been using linux for a month or so as a curiosity-project, so I don't claim to be any kind of expert, but most of that time has been spent configuring it to work with AD. Worked for me though.

And incidentally, why does this have to be so totally painful on every distro I've tried? So far, I've tried fedora, rhe, suse and ubuntu and all of them have made my life hell when simply trying to get hooked up to a windows domain.

Ubuntu is the only distro where I've ever got this to work (so it scores BIG points from me there) and that took a couple of days spent googling and some total trial-and-error-config-file-madness!

And whats really annoying is that all of the software is out there to make it work, you've just got to faff around for so long to get it to play. I've been that hacked off by this that I'm seriously thinking of doing some kind of "idiots guide to joining ubuntu to a domain". Granted, there are some good articles out there: the one on wiki is quite handy (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ActiveDirectoryWinbindHowto) but fell over for me at "apt-get install krb5-user" which just didn't work on my default hoary install!

From my perspective, as a veteran windows user (but total linux newbie) this is the sort of thing that has to work out-of-the box, first-time and through a nice GUI. Instead, I've been downloading and unpacking tar files for hours and now my brain is bleeding.

Something should be done.

Thanks for your time.
Yay, I got it logging in and working following your directions. I had to reboot also afterwards, but the only thing I don't have working I see so far is sound. Does your sound work? Did you have to do anything special for AD users to get their sound going? I have sound for the regular user, but not for AD users.