I went on a search through the forums, and read several heated messages in the mailinglist about inclusion/integration of KDE. Amusingly enough, some of those people were people who claimed to have stopped using Mandrake due to KDE being the main focus.

So I just have to ask: Have I come to the wrong place? I didn't install Ubuntu because I wanted a GNOME-centric desktop; I installed Ubuntu because it seemed to be a relatively stable, relatively stock-software system that was desktop-centric, followed standards, and didn't invent a gazillion different distribution-centric GUI tools. Ubuntu was that.

Truth be told, though, despite its clunkiness, I prefer KDE to GNOME, and I have multiple reasons that, if listed here, would start a flamewar.

So was I wrong? Is the main focus on building a GNOME desktop rather than a standards-driven desktop? If so, can anyone point me in the direction of a standards-driven desktop that's leaning toward KDE? I don't want to help cram anything down anyone's throat if people don't want KDE on their systems. If I was right, then I don't feel sorry for the poor, misguided GNOME zealots who've mistakenly believed this to be a GNOME-centric distribution.

My own stance on the KDE vs. GNOME issue, BTW: May the best system win.

Thank you for your time, and please, let's try to keep the discussion civil; I promise to try to do the same.