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Thread: Happy to see Oklahoma represented

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    Happy to see Oklahoma represented

    Glad to be here among you all. Kim from Ardmore here.
    I've been experimenting with linux for about two years now. First with Puppy Linux then Ubuntu Hoary but have finally upgraded to Kubuntu Feisty on this box.
    My two kids run Edubuntu 7.04 on their machines after having recently been liberated from xp. They have no complaints as yet since Edubuntu does all they need done.

    I have to admit that I still boot xp at times but I have been working hard at getting Kubuntu do do it all. Last night I got my internal slave drive and external usb drive (both windows) recognized and was able to access files and play MP3's from them. The printer now works under Kubuntu also. It just keeps getting better.

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    Re: Happy to see Oklahoma represented

    Welcome! I saw that you submitted membership to the team through the LP, our LP admin should be emailing you shortly, feel free to join us in IRC on #ubuntu-oklahoma, on

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    Re: Happy to see Oklahoma represented

    Thanks for the welcome and the invite.

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    Re: Happy to see Oklahoma represented

    WAH!!ooooooo awesome oklahoma team blackwell up in here


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