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Thread: new planet

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    Re: new planet

    Quote Originally Posted by KrisDwyer
    s'all right... i live in australia, we had diff teaching regimes...
    For a moment I thought, that's easy, teacher's in Mexico should use it, but then a realize, that we don't speak the same language... and the first part would be unpronouncable in spanish:
    MVTM???? It's like MTV Music but spell backwards, anyway kids that age don't speak english (unless they're in a bilingual school), but they sure hasn't heard about MTV at that age, so perhaps teachers should teach the planets names wen kids are about 15 years
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    Re: new planet

    Quote Originally Posted by Kvark
    Scientists don't consider Pluto as living up to the requirements for being a planet. It was given the planet status before and it would cause confusion to take it back.
    Some do, some don't, actually. Personally, I don't and I don't like the "confusion" reasoning. There have been plenty of other reclassifications of objects, both in astronomy and in general...

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