Same again. I have 11.04 xubuntu and tried the 10.04 version of iplist, but I get the exact same error with or without trying the gui. However, I had previously tried another pc with 11.04 ubuntu (full version with gnome) and iplist and its gui seemed to work okay, at least without errors, though I don't remember if I tested the blocking. maybe there is just some component from gnome that I need?

Even if this project isn't maintained, the lists themselves get updated. Or should I just try a different solution?

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Im having the same problem here. I just installed 10.04 and got ipblock from the repos but it wont update or start. I wonder of bluetack is down and that may be the problem for updating. Not sure why it wont start though.

Any help appreciated.

Heres the error when i try to start with ipblock -s

iplist[1886]: error: can't find level1.gz
ipblock[1872]: error: failed to start, cleaning up