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Thread: KiwinZ.

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    Ok, I'm Adamant1988. I'm sure all of the staff are more than aware of my recent banning, and that's fine, I'll abide by your decision if you feel that I was such a burden to the forum that I needed to be removed. In anycase, I will use this account only for posting inside the resolution center, as not to violate the terms of my 'ban'.

    In anycase, this post is NOT about my banning, so much as the fact that in the months up to my banning I was actively targeted, followed, and effectively stalked while using these forums by KiwinZ. I know that this is no secret in the staff as a mod even used the words: "he actively stalks you" when I mentioned what was going on.

    I have no access to my infractions on my account, nor do I have access to my PMs. However, I'm sure you can look back in them and see that a completely disproportionate amount of infractions came from KiwinZ. There was even an incident where I had not been on the forums for over a week, logged back in, and found infractions from KiwinZ on posts that were WEEKS old.

    The harassment had gotten to the point where I sent KiwinZ a PM about it, and received the response that 'such pettiness wasn't worth his time' or something to that effect. So, I stopped trying to communicate with KiwinZ about the harassment knowing that he wasn't planning on quitting or admitting to it. You'll also see that I've had comments in my posts directed towards KiwinZ removed by other staff, for example: "I know you're watching KiwinZ you can infract me now" I can't call it a direct quote, but I'm sure that Matthew remembers which post he edited.

    I have communicated with multiple staff members about this issue, particularly in the days leading up to my 15 point infraction, which was apparently for asking another member if his father ever hugged him as a child (which I don't feel was really that inappropriate given the nature of the thread in which I posted, the thread title was obviously designed to get much more harsh reactions than mine.)

    I'm not asking to have my banning overturned, but I am going to request that the Forum Council act on KiwinZ behavior. In the event that I do come back in Sept. I would particularly like it if I could post without KiwinZ hanging over my shoulder, and playing my shadow.

    - Adam.

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    Re: KiwinZ.

    I'm sorry I can't offer up more specifics about individual instances, but I have no way of checking my account for that information. I don't have access to my list of infractions, and who they were from, nor my PMs.

    I do know that the staff has the ability to see my infractions and some detailed data about those infractions. You will be able to see very clearly on at least one infraction that KiwinZ included the note "May be an old post but still not appropriate" (this is where he went back into posts that were weeks old and infracted me for them).

    I'm also pretty sure you can check my PMs, as well. This is the post I mentioned where Matthew removed a comment inviting KiwinZ to infract me. (not sure if you have it logged, jailed, etc.) but it's there.

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    Re: KiwinZ.

    The post that earned you the 15 point infraction
    was posted on the day the infraction was issued

    Using statements like this is not allowed period.....

    "I'm not going to go into any specific points here and tell you you're a complete a-hole and you're wrong. I think your posts alone show that you're pretty ignorant and you have a deep seeded hatred of all things Apple.

    Did your father ever hug you as a child? Just curious. "

    In the last few months you have been issued infractions 9 times by various members of the staff.

    Here is some of your comments

    Shuttleworth could command the forum users to eat baby kittens to further free software, and I bet some of them would do it without question...

    unsavory behavior by people who are responsible for the development of the application

    A lot of perfectly annoying and unbearable trolls have good points underneath of what they say. In this instance, you're one of those trolls. Intentions are what matter, and you intended to be annoying. You deserved banned

    I love how you bring up the RTFM and CLI thing, see, this shows how ignorant you are. You bothered to use feisty, sir? If not, I'm going to kindly ask you to shut up as you don't know what you're talking about.

    God you're such a fanboy

    I think, in order for you to continue this discussion, you are going to need to do a few things:

    1) calm down.
    2) grow up.
    3) calm down.
    4) stop being insulted by the use of an extremely popular firefox extension.
    5) grow up.

    Besides the infractions issued you have been warned numerous times in Private messages about the conduct and attitude to other members.

    It is not appropriate to post insults about other members and you are fully aware of the rules that apply to this forum.

    Another member recently suggested that you could be more polite and your response was

    I could have, but I don't think I would have made my point being polite. I've been trying to get people to shut up over this "OOH WEVE GOT THE LEOPARD DOCK" thing for a week now, and you all keep getting more and more petty.

    That unfortunately sums up your attitude when ever approached by staff about your posting and regard to other members of this Forum
    This account is not active.

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    Re: KiwinZ.

    I'll review this.. But based on your posting history I don't really see how kiwinz is stalking you, your posting style isn't welcome here its childish. It will take a few days for me to review this so expect a delay.

    If any other FC members to review it feel free as well.
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