Idea from the mailing list -- Ideas welcome!

>That's not a bad idea, Rodd. Chamberlain is a good half-way point -- it'd
>equalize the distance for most everyone. I've driven through it many times,
>but I'm not familiar with any facilities there. Anybody have any ideas?

>On a relate note, it'd be nice to set up a google map or something to show
>where all the different members are located -- I had no idea there were so
>many west river members. Anyone had any experience setting something like
>that up or want to volunteer to figure it out?

Hi All,
Good thoughts about the meetup.
I have looked into the idea of a Google Map API on the/a wiki page.
I got an unclear response (on their forum) concerning if it and Moinmoin will play together,
as my first attempt to get it on a page failed.
If its 'linked' to another 'website' page -- no problem there.
To code it into a wiki page will take more research and help from someone more
experienced in wiki coding.
Will post this in the forums for extra input.