I guess I'm sort of a Johnny come lately as I didn;t even know this forum existed until an email popped up this evening on the ACLUG list I'm still subscribed to.

I'm Nate in Marysville, KS, a.k.a. N0NB for the radio amateurs amongst us. I started with Slackware in Sept '96 and switched to it full time in January 1998--literally weeks before the Netscape announcement. That was even long before there was a Ubuntu, in fact, it was before the first big Debian spin-off--Corel Linux.

Anyway, Debian became my distro of choice in September of '99 and essentially remains so as I've not strayed from Debian or its derivatives, except for some time spent playing with Slackware on and off, since.

My first real use of Ubuntu was installing Mythbuntu 8.04 almost two years ago. That system is a rock and just keeps ticking along. I'm almost afraid to upgrade it!

I'd played with Kubuntu a bit but shied away from GNOME until late February when I gave Linux Mint 8 a spin and was thoroughly enamored. Noting its roots lay in Ubuntu 9.10 I decided to give Lucid 10.04 an honest try early this month and it is now my primary installation on my laptop. My main desktop is still Debian Sid with KDE 4.4.3 and will likely remain so.

There are a few of us Linux users around these parts and I try to introduce it as it makes sense to do so.