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    The screen shots that "pshcyocats" has doesn't look like what I have under hardy heron. I have my HD partitioned into two drivers. One is @ 9.5 GB and the other @ 18.5 GB. I want to install ubuntu INSIDE windows using virtual machine. Trying this out so that I can learn how to set it up while maintianing an internet connection (wireless is all that I have). When it installs it asks whether I want guided, guided with LVM, guided with encrypted LVM or manual. I have go all three routs and the install program doesn't see the partitions. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks Joe

    PS you can hit me off line at
    joewolf at spinfinder dot com
    or if needed call me at home 785 200 3910 be advised that I head to work @ 1300 daily and dont return until after 2245. (commute to salina)


    What you're talking about is installing using wubi. That doesn't need any partitioning, and in fact I don't believe it can use it. You'll probably want to put the disk space back to Windows if you're wanting to do wubi. I've never used wubi myself, since I had gone single boot ubuntu since before it came out, but I've got some links for you:
    That last one is the wubi forum on Ubuntu Forums. They should be able to help if you have any issues.

    If (or, hopefully when) you decide to install it to the hard drive proper, I'll be happy to help more. You should consider it, it is faster and safer. Plus, if you ever get malware in Windows, it can affect your wubi install to a degree.

    Welcome to Ubuntu!

    P.S. Another second shifter I see. I work at 1500 and am off around 2300. But then again, I have very little commute.
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