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Thread: SCTP protocol in Ubutnu

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    SCTP protocol in Ubutnu


    I'd like to take a look at SCTP protocol during I have holidays and write some small apps to see how it works i practice.

    I read, that SCTP support was included in Linux since kernel v2.4, but i haven't found any "sctp.h" header file in "/usr/inlude/netinet" in default installation. Can someone explain me, why it isnt available by default?

    While searching repository I found two different implementations. One is developed by "Linux Kernel SCTP" adn second comes from .

    Which one is "the only right" and which one should I use?

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    Re: SCTP protocol in Ubutnu

    SCTP protocol is indeed supported in the Linux kernel. However if you want to use it in your applications, please install
    sudo apt-get install libsctp-dev lksctp-tools
    Once these are successfully installed, to test whether SCTP is working, you can run a SCTP server in one terminal
    sctp_darn -H 0 -P 2500 -l
    and in another terminal, you can run a SCTP client in another terminal
    sctp_darn -H 0 -P 2600 -h -p 2500 -s
    Now type any text in the client which will be reflected in the server output. Once this is working, please hop on over to for more details about SCTP. The test commands above are from with the port numbers changed to be above 1023 so you do not need sudo. Hope this helps.

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    Re: SCTP protocol in Ubutnu

    Oh!that is great ,I am looking for it ,thanks very much


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