The number one unanswed posts on the forum seem to deal with modems and basic home networking. It may help to actualy have a section dedicated to Ubuntu Modems and home networks to help people set up there modems and networks such as a lap top set with a cable router etc. This gives modems and home networking a specific location where someone having problems may search in advanced search and brouse posts related to the topics. Lastly it allows others that have advanced skills in this feild to brows this specific topic and volinteer there assistance to those in serios need.

Personaly My cable modem set up on initial set up but others are less fortunate which means they may give up on Ubuntu which is a great distro even before they start! Also a persons modem is the number one device after internals to get going a after install. On the up side the number of Dual boot is extreemly high so many can access the forums for a fix. Even better many listed as dual boot rate Linux as there main os. (taken from a poll)