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Thread: HOWTO: File Associations (Gnome 2.10)

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    Question Re: HOWTO: File Associations (Gnome 2.10)


    I am using gnome 2.22.3 on Ubuntu 8.04.3. Is this thread where I need to look for this problem?


    1. When I go to open a .doc file attachment in evolution, it wants to use evince to open it, not OOo.

    2. When I go to open an .odt file in Gnome's "Search for Files," it will not open it, or will open it in Kword but not OOo.

    3. When I right click a file in nautilus, choose preferences and then open with, there are several instances of just about every application--text editor, OOo Word Processor, spreadsheet, you name it.

    Or is there some other place I should be looking?

    I also came across this thread, which seems to be pointing in the same direction as you are here.

    :- Doug.

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    Re: HOWTO: File Associations (Gnome 2.10)

    Hi all. I don't think I got the point of some of you. I have my 10.04 (Gnome 2.3) Ubuntu opening ODT files with evince!!?? But I need Libreoffice to open them! (not the other way around).

    The "open with" > "other application" > "remember association..." is not working. EVERY TIME evince opens them if I just click on the files

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    Re: HOWTO: File Associations (Gnome 2.10)

    @FLeiXiuS: Thx a lot for the info! Helped me a lot, as I wanted to set the file assocs permanently for every user!

    GUI sucks in this case


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