Just thought i'd address some of your critiques, keep 'em coming!

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- If this is something that's downloaded and printed rather than bound and mailed, you should consider your format a bit more. It looks like you may be designing with facing pages in Scribus, but I imagine most or all will be reading this one page at a time. For example, why do the numbers change sides?
Yep, issues #0 to #3 were created with facing pages in Scribus. I'll probably change this in my Scribus settings for #4 but people can override the facing page setting in their PDF viewer...

- Add more white space. This is especially important if you stick with a sanserif body font. Make the gutters and margins a bit wider, and the page will look cleaner. On pages with a lot of content (e.g. 16), a lack of white space can make the page look confusing or jumbled.
- OR consider using light rule lines to help separate content. Try one down the gutter?
I agree, the gutter will probably be widened for #4. I did suggest a few vertical lines in the gutter to separate things but i was shot down in flames *cough* mrmonday *cough*

- Is there no masthead? If not, include your e-mail on the editorial page.
Fair point but my email address is on the last page with contribution and meeting info...

- Include drop caps in some stories.
Yeah, that's a possibility i'll look into...

- Consider using pull quotes to highlight elements and break up text. Like on the Grandma story, a "I can't get my games to work anymore!", or somesuch.
Yep, that's something I spotted in a printed magazine and was going to try in #3 but forgot, so i'll maybe put it into #4 also.

Thanks for listening to my nonsense. I think you've got a great product in the works, and I look forward to seeing it actually in print, some day! Take that, Windows Magazine! And the hundred other ones that useless O.S. has.
Not nonsense at all, all criticism is welcome. Without it we'd still be using the brown design (which wasn't entirely my idea i'd like to point out to people! ) But people also need to remember that Scribus is -- at times -- a major pain in the butt to work with and has a lot of nice things missing like having styles for photo's, nice soft drop shadows and what-not. But... hey, gotta be thankful for what we've got...

Anyway thanks again for taking the time to read the mag and point out the design flaws.