I'm using Breezy now. I bought a Dell All-in-one 962 photo printer 2 weeks back. I found out by googling that Dell 962 is Lexmark X7170.
I got the driver for Lexmark X7170 from this link.

I ran alien filename as normal user (not as root). I then got the deb file. I then issued
$sudo dpkg -i x7170llpddk_2.0-5_i386.deb
(Reading database ... 95758 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace x7170llpddk 2.0-5 (using x7170llpddk_2.0-5_i386.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement x7170llpddk ...
Setting up x7170llpddk (2.0-5) ...

I then rebooted the system. When I went to add printer, I didn't see the driver under either Dell or Lexmark. I would appreciate if someone can help me.